Why Raven?

When we first started talking about creating a company from which to share our unique styles of zany art with others, my mind went right to work on names for the project.  Both of us have a way with words, and several fun possibilities came to mind.  For a good six months, in fact, we had planned to call our venture "OH! Curios" for our combined last names.  As fun as that was, though, it stayed on the back-burner for a while.  Neither of us made any of the basic moves - checking for the domain name, creating draft logos, and so forth.  It just didn't strike close enough to be a priority.

It wasn't until we started planning a wedding ceremony that it came to us.  When trying to create a joint e-mail address, we couldn't figure out what one easy thing expressed us - until, that is, Raven knocked on our door.

The raven has been my husband's totem and guide for several years now, quite to our amusement and chagrin.  He is quite vocal in our lives, an embodiment of his trickster and wiseman legends who is never slow to offer a sarcastic "caw" or a flippant tip of a wing to either one of us.  Meanwhile, in 2007, I started seeing a beautiful red-winged blackbird on the way to my then-new office job, and his flash of red-and-yellow always gave me a smile on the dreariest days in to work.  By 2009 I was actively searching for him or his brown-clad mate when the weather started warming up, and I started finding his presence more and more in my thoughts and designs.

Raven and Red-Wing had ganged up on us, and Raven's Own was born.  We hope that their gift to us becomes a gift to you.

May Raven's wisdom and Red-Wing's color be in your lives always.

 - Rebecca Oubouzar