The original Pixictoowoo

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When the nightmare corpse-city of R’lyeh stood dark and brooding above the waves, the principle of “as above, so below" still stood. Even here, where dark shadows cling like limp, cold rags to the soul, in the rare pools of light, balance is found. For all the dread god’s horror-filled creations and existence, tiny foils of his deeds go about their work busily undoing the madness and slowly expanding the light.

When the great city fell to the seas and the god slumbered, his tiny nemeses found their way across the oceans, spreading and undoing the damage done by their dread cousin.

These are the Pixi C’toowoos. In their long journey, they came to a small wood in Virginia for a well-deserved rest. We found them on a walk along a wooded path; their tiny warren had taken damage during a recent flood. We convinced them to follow us home and easily fell for their happy and often comical ways. With so many, and of such varied shapes, sizes, and colors, we realized that other homes could benefit from the light and joy these whimsical creatures bring.

Scuplted by hand from polymer clay, each Pixictoowoo has hand-shaped polymer clay wings, hand-painted details in acrylic, and iridescent glass bead eyes. They stand an average of 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) tall and reach out with a 2-inch (5 cm)-wide hug, just for you.

Mr Grymbles

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Mr. Grymbles is an original character set by Cherif Oubouzar. Hobgoblins all, complete with hobnail boots, black bodies, and white or ivory heads. Hand-sculpted with no forms or molds, each has a unique shape, smile, personality, and different colored eyes, but all are named Mr. Grymbles!

Red Mystics

Coming from the same original world as Mr. Grymbles, the Red Mystics securely hold their magical gems in their cloaks. Beady eyes watch you carefully from a quirky glow-in-the-dark face!

Hand-sculpted from polymer clay, with hand-painted details, each Mystic figure stands about an inch tall. 

Blue Sages

Working side by side with the Red Mystics, the Blue Sages are the scholars of their world, seeing all with a third eye set deep in their black faces.

Hand-made from polymer clay, each Ghostie's patches are applied and detailed by hand. 

Patchwork Ghosties

These little ghosties got holes in their sheets and didn’t have the right colors to patch them with. All the other ghosties make fun of them, but we think they’re cute. They keep coming to us for shelter, but they’re getting rather numerous, so we’re helping them find loving homes!