Other work

Metal Mandalas

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For some, sitting still for meditation is the hardest part of the practice. We've received a lot of comments about the wonderful feeling of our "chain cloth" and other items. In response to both and with input from friends, we've developed the Metal Mandalas! Let the chain move between your hands, quieting the mind and satisfying the urge to fidget. A tutorial is available here with suggestions for use.

Divination Pendulums

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Pendulums of many styles and materials have been used for many years as divination tools (as well as many other uses, such as dowsing). We use our skills with chain maille and pendants made of coins, glass, stone, and more to create unique and beautiful tools for your mystical use.

Raven's Own's pendulums are often created on special occasions (such as specific moon phases and High Holidays), and are always cleansed in sacred water for three days prior to display.

Kahina Stones

The kahina is a valued member of the Kabyle community.  A woman of exceptional wisdom and  experience, she advises, guides, and teaches the next generation, both in language and in culture.  We have borrowed the symbols of the Kabyle and the spirit of this valuable woman to create the Kahina Stones, a divination system unique to Raven's Own.

The Kahina Stones come with a set of 33 tiles, each shaped and painted by hand, and a companion book including a brief history of the tiles and a how-to guide to using them. Pocket Guides also available.

For more information, visit our sister project, Tafat n Kahina.

Custom & Retired

These items are one-of-a-kind custom pieces, but they offer an excellent peek into the other things we can do!